Hero’s Get Remembered But…

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Legends never die!

We all remember that famous quote from The Sandlot right!?
Whether we realize it or not, what we are dealing with right now is historic. It is something that is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime type event…totally unprecedented in modern times. We are literally quarantined to our homes. Wow.

What does this have to do with The Sandlot? Well, guys, legends are made during the darkest of times. They are created through struggle. They are shaped by conflict. Legends aren’t built from sun shines, rainbows, and unicorns. They are forged from the most arduous of conditions.

That is now. 

Will you let these circumstances define you in a negative way or will you rise up and become a legend?

Will you be THE player that we talk about years from now that came out of this disastrous situation a completely transformed player? Bigger, faster, stronger…better…more determined than ever…an absolute beast produced despite all of this turmoil.

So the question is, “will you be a legend”? Or will you be one of the thousands of players that will use this an excuse as to why they “didn’t make it”? Guess what guys…someone is going to make it. Will it be you? This is the ultimate test of resilience. Become a legend. Someone will. Be obsessed.

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