I’m Ranked!

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Whether we’re talking about a ranked 10U team or a player being ranked #XYZ in the state, I’m not a fan of rankings.
Why you may ask?
Well, because the people that are ranking you generally can’t do anything tangible for you and distract you from the things that actually matter in your career.
They aren’t making you better. They can’t give you playing time. They aren’t giving you a college scholarship. And they aren’t able to draft you.
So, why do they matter? The truth is, they don’t.
When it comes time to be recruited, whenever that may be for you, all a college coach cares about is how GOOD you are…unranked or ranked top #5 in the state, ultimately all that matters is THEIR own option of you. That is option that means something.
Instead of spending your valuable time and energy chasing a meaningless number, assigned to you by strangers in a conference room, chase the things that are truly meaningful…tangible and intangible.
Quick case study…
Player #1-Good size RHP, ranked #12 in the state (has attended a ton of showcases and large tournaments). Sitting 85-87 with decent stuff.
Player #2-Also a RHP with good size. Unranked because he’s never done showcases or the “big” tournaments. Sitting 88-91 with electric stuff.
Who do you take? 
Yes, that’s a rhetorical question because we’re all taking the same player. Player #1’s ranking doesn’t add MPHs on his fastball and it certainly doesn’t make his curveball sharper. 
Chase 90mph. Chase an 100mph exit velocity. Chase a 6.5 60yd dash. Chase being an animal in the weight room. Chase being an extraordinary teammate and man.
Work hard. Focus on being the best version of you on a daily basis and the real numbers, the ones that actually matter, will be there when they need to be. Hunt your potential, not your ranking. Be obsessed. 
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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