It’s 2020.

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There is no excuse not to be very knowledgeable about what you’re passionate about anymore. None.

In the history of the mankind, it has never been easier to access information. Thanks social media!

From the comfort of your own couch you can learn…

How guys like J.D. Martinez or Josh Donaldson transformed their swings and went from average hitters to elite hitters…literally they will tell you.

What the trainers for guys like Scherzer, Kershaw, and Cole are recommending for their offseason throwing and training programs…literally they will tell you.

Strategies and advice from college coaches (the ones who’s opinions actually matter) about the recruiting process and what you need to do to be successful in college…literally they will tell you.

So why don’t you know these things? Sorry guys but it’s because you’re either lazy or you don’t care enough. Information is too easy to access anymore for there to be another reason.

You want a competitive advantage? You want to reach your potential? You want to out perform your peers? Learn! Being more educated about things, such as, the game, training, or nutrition is a legal steroid. A legal steroid that anyone can take…no matter how good or bad you are to help you transform your game and that you can obtain by simply using your phone and two thumbs.

Read, listen, watch. It’s all in your hands…literally.

It’s 2020…you can’t play the naive card anymore. Right now could not be a better time to learn. There’s a reason why people say that knowledge is power. Because it is. It’s a legal steroid. Be obsessed.
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