Maplezone Sports Institute (MSI) and Sparks Volleyball Club (Sparks VBC) are excited to announce a new partnership making MSI the official strength and conditioning partner for Sparks VBC. 
“Sparks Volleyball Club has grown dramatically since its start in 2004. Our mission to advance individual and team skill pushes our directors and coaches to continue to learn and be the best” said Director of Sparks VBC, Ryan Algeo. “We’re excited to partner with MSI and have a strength and conditioning outlet to offer players in our program. Our loyalty to Sparks players and their families sets us apart as we encourage unity and family. Sparks is more than just volleyball.”
MSI and Sparks VBC are dedicated to helping volleyball athletes improve their athletic skill and enhance physical performance.
“Partnering with the premier volleyball club in our area is exciting! They have great teams, coaches and players” said MSI’s Director of Sports Performance, Rob Rabena. “To be able to offer customized strength and conditioning programs to their girls will only improve their on court performance and help reduce injuries.”
About MSI: MSI is dedicated to providing athletes with the proper tools to maximize their athletic potential. MSI is committed to utilizing expert coaches, state of the art facilities, tournament venues, and customized training programs to efficiently enhance the athletes’ training and exposure experience. Consisting of 70,000 sq ft of indoor turf space and seven fully turfed outdoor fields, MSI hosts premier tournaments, leagues, showcases and other events
About Sparks VBC: Sparks Volleyball Club strives to bring their passion of volleyball to the youth in Chester and Delaware Counties. They look to build skill and knowledge in players within a welcoming, open and friendly environment. Sparks philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of the game early and continue to advance upon them as young athletes climb the ranks through the club.