MSI Sports Performance is a training center geared towards improving performance on the field. Over the past 5 years, the MSI Sports Performance team has trained numerous professional athletes, all levels of collegiate athletes, high school and youth athletes. It is our mission to provide a training environment and culture where athletes are training hard day in and day out to reach their highest potential.


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  • Semi-Private Training
  • Remote Training
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • PDP Lite

Why Semi-Private Training

  • Detailed fitness/speed, agility and power testing/movement screen evaluations
  • Individualized training program
  • Fun group atmosphere
  • Convenience of not having to schedule
  • Improved speed, strength, agility and power

*all semi-private training includes unlimited training sessions per week

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Our training model offers a blend of group and private training. We offer the benefits of the group atmosphere, with the individualization that you receive form private training. The MSI staff will individually assess each client on their first day. Based off this assessment, clients will receive a program tailored to their goals and movement baseline. Each athlete will be coached through the entire program, to install a proper movement foundation for each exercise. The MSI strength and conditioning staff will be on the training floor coaching each athlete through his or her own program.
Semi-Private Training is great for those with fluctuating schedules and eliminates the worry of having to schedule an appointment.
An initial evaluation will be performed testing flexibility, range of motion, speed, agility, power and fitness level. A video database and training program will then be typed to be performed at gym chosen by the client. This is perfect for those who are looking for a training program from MSI, but don’t live close enough to train at MSI.
An initial video consultation will be performed with our soon to be Registered Dietitian Cat Hammer. She will asses your nutrition goals, body composition goals and provide a sample food log and nutrition education and check-ins to monitor progress and your results.

PDP Lite


  • Any questions about PDP Lite trianing, contact Rob at 610-358-5500 ext 117

Physical activity is at an all-time low in today’s youth population.
Factors, such as, schools cutting physical education programs, a lack of unorganized play, and the ever growing popularity of video games are just some of the major contributors to this cultural shift.
PDP Lite is designed to enhance and develop long-term
athletic qualities, encompassing all sports, while laying the foundation
for an active, healthy lifestyle in our youth population. This program is backed by extensive research done by the Long Term Athletic Development Community or LTAD for short. As an athlete ages, there are optimal windows to train and acquire different abilities, such as, speed, functional stability, skill, and power (just to name a few).
The detailed programming will be formatted in an “organized play” structure which will foster a love of exercise, fitness, and competition in the youth athletes that participate, while also laying the foundation for future success in sports and life!

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Performance Trainers

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2:00-7:00pm Monday – Thursday
3:00-6:00pm Friday
Sat 10-2  Starting in December
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