The Most Important Moment

By Matt Ciarrocchi 1 year agoNo Comments
As we close in on the New Year, it’s totally natural to start thinking about resolutions and goals for 2020. Most of us do this annually, however, the numbers show that most of us fail rather quickly in chasing our newly made resolutions.
Why? Because long term goals can be very daunting and we get lost dreaming about the future instead of trying to dominate the present moment.
This totally makes sense to me. Isn’t thinking about all the cool stuff that we COULD be doing in the future more fun than making inglorious sacrifices today? Absolutely!
So here’s the challenge to 2020 you…
Don’t obsess about what “could be”. Instead, conquer the current moment…then repeat moment after moment and you WILL get to actually live out what you’re dreaming about rather than it just being an imagine floating around in your head.
Dreams are fun. The future is cool. Resolutions can be useful tactics. But ultimately, consistent, daily action will be what does or does not turn your dreams into your reality. The most important moment of your career is now. Today’s sacrifice isn’t glamorous, but it’s required. Be obsessed.
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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