The Real Sacrifice

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You often hear players, coaches, and parents talk about “sacrifice” from a baseball standpoint…5am workouts, lifting after a long day of school and practice, driving to the middle of no where on a weekend to compete, putting away those video games to train, etc.
While, sure, that 5am workout isn’t easy, we aren’t leaving our families for years at a time and sacrificing our lives like our veterans have done for us. 
Happy Veterans Day!
Just think about that though…our veterans left THEIR families, put THEIR lives on the line, so that a bunch of people that they will never really know or meet can live a happy, safe life…without ever actually knowing what sacrifices were made on their behalf. Now that deserves our deepest of appreciations. Now that’s true sacrifice.
And all of that for little to no recognition. Let’s make it a point today to thank all of those that sacrificed literally everything so a bunch of us strangers could live our lives safely.
Make sure our Veterans feel the love today! To say that it’s well deserved may be the biggest understatement ever. THANK YOU! Be obsessed.
PS-Veterans hit for FREE today! Come in and hit some bombs on us!
Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute
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