Why Does Coach Care About This?

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Why Does Coach Care About This?

I’m mixing things up this weekend and including a picture! Shocker, I know. This is a tweet from a current Head DI Baseball Coach (who actually recruited one of my brothers-great dude!) from the past weekend.

So next time your coach gives you crap about leaving a messy dugout, realize he is doing it because he cares about you and doesn’t want you to lose out on opportunities because of a seemingly small detail!

Why would a college coach care about something like this? Because it speaks to your attention to detail! If you can’t do something as simple as cleaning the dugout, how can they trust you to show up to a 5am lift or to know a sign in a crucial situation during a game?

What most players don’t realize is that as we get older, the talent gap gets smaller and smaller so tiny things like this, your grades, and the type of man you are matter more and more.

When you add up all of the little things you’re either doing or NOT doing, it can make a substanncial difference…positively or negatively. It’s up to you. Take pride in doing the grunt work. It will add up. Be obsessed.

Ken Spangenberg
Director of Baseball
Maplezone Sports Institute

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